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Take your hard drive, digital tablet or media device to your local UPS Store or we can arrange a UPS pickup at your location. WE PAY THE SHIPPING TO AND FROM. Packing services are available at all UPS Store Locations, additional charges may apply.


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To help us expedite your recovery process, please click on the “Service Form” button above.

Step #1 – Fill out the form as complete as possible, including the message box at the bottom of the form with the make, model, drive size and brief description of your hard drive or media issue.Step #2 – Print out and sign to include with your shipment.Step #3 – Print a copy for your records.Step #4 – Click the submit button.

Note: If you want to drop off your your hard drive, digital tablet or media device in person, you must make an appointment first. Please call us before submitting the form. Your appointment time must be noted on the form, in the message box area at the bottom of the form. Be sure to have the form filled out and signed prior to your appointment arrival time. In keeping to our tight schedules and fast turn-around services for our clients, without an appointment you may be turned away.

If scheduling your hard drive, digital tablet or media device for pickup, please call us before submitting the form. Be sure to have it filled out, signed and packaged prior to the driver’s arrival. Please include your email address on your paperwork. Once we receive your paperwork, we will email you a confirmation of the price, reiterate our no data, no pay policy, attach a shipping label and remind you to bring in or send with your package a usb backup drive or usb flash drive of equal or greater capacity for us to return your recovery data back to you on. Please REPLY TO THE EMAIL WE SEND YOU WITH YOUR TRACKING NUMBER for us to follow your package and expedite your recovery services. If you need further assistance or have any questions, Call Us 24/7 Toll Free at: (877) 925-5748. An Advanced-Data Recovery Services Specialist will get back to you in 24 hours or less. Remember, there is no cost to you! We offer FREE Shipping and FREE Diagnosis.

Evaluation of Your Drive

Once we receive your media, our highly skilled and experienced technical staff will analyze it. Depending upon the type of hard drive, media, capacity, operating system and level of damage, we will evaluate the time required to successfully recover the data from a particular media device. After the complete analysis, which takes about 4 to 6 hours from the time we receive your hard drive or media device, we will call you with the exact price quote.

Recovering Your Data

Upon receiving your authorization, we will proceed with the process of recovering your data from your hard drive or media device. Recovery time typically ranges from 1-5 days depending upon device or media type, capacity, size of data to be recovered, required physical repairs and complexity of file system. Certain media types may take slightly longer recovery time than others. We can also offer expedited service for emergency cases like Dropbox download at no extra charge.

Data Security

Secure Data Recovery is the first and highest priority at Advanced-Data Recovery Services. We have signed various non-disclosure agreements with different individuals as well as corporations depending on their specific needs and requirements to provide them secure data recovery. With or without a security agreement your data is handled with the highest level of responsibility and care at Advanced-DataRecovery Data Recovery Services. We provide total confidentiality of your data from unauthorized disclosure. See our Policy page for the Terms and Conditions; Confidentiality.

Returning Your Data

If your hard drive or media device is repairable, and in our opinion will stay repaired, we will return your data on your repaired drive. If it is determined that your drive cannot be repaired, we can return your recovered data in a variety of ways, including copying it to a new hard drive, writable CD, writable DVD or any other media of your choice. However we do ask that you to bring in or send with your package a usb backup drive or usb flash drive of equal or greater capacity for us to return your recovery data back to you on. Once you have picked up your package or we see your package has bee delivered, we will keep a copy of your data for 2 business days to ensure the successful re-installation or copy of your data. Once your data is re-installed or copied, your data will be purged from our storage vault.

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