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Mac Data loss is one of the worst nightmares one can undergo in today’s tech savvy world where you buy a high-tech gadget but end up with a severe data loss crisis. Data loss can occur to any memory device, and on any operating system. This can be due to no fault of the user or due to a technical glitch. Data loss can be counteracted and the data can be recovered, provided, the data recovery is done by experts. Our engineers at Advanced-Data Recovery Services are adept at recovery of Mac data. The process of data recovery can take a lot of time, depending on the kind of damage your Mac has undergone.

Mac Data loss can occur due to two main reasons-logical malfunction or mechanical malfunction. If the data loss is due to logical malfunction, then the data can be easily salvaged with minimal hassle. Logical malfunction is a software problem, that usually occurs due to a virus attack or if the files are deleted or if the drive is formatted accidentally. A basic understanding of what happens to the deleted data is required here. When data is deleted, the data itself is not destroyed. The location of the data is simply labeled void and is ready to be rewritten with new data. The deleted data can be easily recovered as long as new data does not replace the old data.

Mechanical malfunctions occur when the drive undergoes serious physical assault. Any form of mechanical shock, wet or excessive heat exposure to the drive can also result in a mechanical malfunction. Recovering data from such a defective drive can require quite a lot of work, but it is not impossible. In fact, there are instances where data has been recovered from drives that were physically torn apart. Mechanical malfunctions of a drive are usually indicated by a ticking sound of the drive, as the system tries to access data that does not exist.

This form of data loss is common for both PC and Mac platforms. Our experts at Advanced-Data Recovery provide completely reliable Mac data recovery solutions. The Macintosh data recovery engineers are well versed in recovering lost data and have a high degree of experience in this field. Our technicians are trained in the specifics of each platform and technicians who are specialists in that particular field address your problems. They work closely with the clients and strive to provide a reliable solution. They assess the problems and understand the reason for data loss before trying to recover the lost data. This way, we can recover your lost data for your Macintosh machine with maximum efficiency.

Possible Problems with Mac Hard Drives

 Mac Data
  • Cannot access <drive> because a disk error occurred.
  • This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize the disk?
  • The disk <drive> cannot be accessed because a disk error occurred
  • Segment Loader Error
  • No such volume
  • Bad file name
  • Directory not found
  • Not an HFS volume
  • Internal file system error
  • Drive is not recognized
  • Drive will not mount
  • not a Macintosh disk
  • bad master directory block
  • drive not installed
  • r/w requested for an off-line drive
  • bad master directory block
  • (and several more disk or file errors)

We recover data from all Mac machines with HFS, HFS+ file systems. So, if your Macintosh system displays such error messages, Advanced-Data Recovery is the place meant for you.

Note: Running file fixing or repair utilities on corrupt drives may make the problem worse – especially if the problem is due to bad media. If you have any doubts, please call us first!

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