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Lost data can be devastating to anyone regardless of whether you are a major corporation, a small business, or an individual. Almost everyone knows frequent backups are essential to protecting valuable data. However, many people do not perform backups on a regular basis. The devices storing your data can sometimes fail without warning. The failed media could be a malfunctioning server, a failed hard drive, a degraded RAID array, power surge, fire, or water damage. Any of these problems can cause temporary or permanent data loss.

Advanced-Data Recovery has over 18 years of experience reversing data loss. Our data recovery services are used by clients worldwide including Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, universities & home users. Our engineers have extensive knowledge in hard disk technology. We specialize in all types of recovery services including desktop, laptop, server, and all levels of RAID recovery including RAID 5, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, and RAID 50.

  • Corrupted RAID
  • Unbootable Systems
  • Missing Partitions
  • Controller Failure
  • Any other data loss
  • Physical Damage to one or more hard drive in the RAID
 Server Data Recovery

We have expertise for data recovery process for all RAID Manufacturers using any operating system and different types of raid controllers. We have extensive experience with RAID data recovery, on both spanned and striped systems. In most cases, we require only the drives or storage devices to recover the data, and because of the high importance of most RAID systems, we give them a higher priority – which means much quicker recovery and return of your data.

24-Hour Data Recovery Service – No Data, No Charge

Affordable Pricing; Our flat fee pricing is based on your media type, capacity and circumstances of failure.

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  • We recover server data and restore lost server files, and databases from RAID arrays that have failed or gone offline. Available 24/7. Call (877) 925-5748.