“I thought I had lost it all. I couldn’t get any computer to read my external hard drive, which is where I had put all of my information. I googled for ways to fix my issue and I just got complicated, elaborate, lengthy steps to “try” to fix it. I took it to geek squad and they told me they had to send it away and that it was going to be really expensive. Finally I was compelled to look for a data recovery place, which is probably what geek squad was going to do anyway, and I found Advanced-Data Recovery Services. I called and was able to set an appointment pretty quickly. Dropped off my hard drive and they called me soon after and told me what they were going to be able to do. They were able to save my stuff. I couldn’t have been more satisfied.”

Daniel B. Long Beach, CA

“The data retrieval process with Advanced-Data Recovery was even easier than I thought. I accidentally formatted my passport 1TB hard drive and lost all my pictures. These guys not only recovered 100% of my data, they did it in one day! Thank you, you helped me a lot and I appreciate it.”

Thomas T. Huntington Beach, CA

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for assisting me during such a crucial time and to let you know that I really appreciate the great job in recovering my data. I was equally impressed with the expeditious processing. Thanks again! You guys are the best!”

Daina P. Tampa Bay, FL

“We experienced a “mission critical” data recovery situation when two drives failed in our six-drive RAID 5 main server. Data on this server is critical to our business to continue to run day to day processes. We searched the Internet for a company that could perform a “Priority RUSH” RAID data recovery cost effectively. We found that Advanced-Data Recovery Services was the perfect choice. They received the six server hard drives on Friday and put there engineers to work over the weekend and by Monday; we were able to pull the most need databases from dropbox and had the full data recovery returned to us by Tuesday morning. Their pricing was approx. 60% of other companies contacted and the service was impeccable. We would wholeheartedly recommend Advanced-Data Recovery Services for any and all your data recovery requirements.”

Rick H. Dallas, TX

“This is Bobby…I came down from West Hollywood about a month ago and you helped me retrieve my pics off of my two memory cards..I didn’t get a chance to call to thank you and I just found your card. I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks again for all your help. All of my pictures have been recovered. If I ever need to retrieve pics, which I’m hoping I don’t, ha ha… I’ll give you a call. Thanks!”

Bobby M. West Hollywood, CA

“We are back up and running! The system booted up without errors after we configured the RAID controller to handle the changes to the cloned raid recovery drives. Unfortunately, we were able to find what seems to be the source of the problem: the CPU fan died and the system was overheating. I’m trying to replace that part, but I was in the system for a short time and it looks like everything is going to be in very good shape. So thanks a ton for that. It appears that you folks have done one heck of a great job, and working with you and your team has been nothing short of wonderful. I truly appreciate all the help and hand-holding you’ve done over the process. I am right now, making a copy of everything you put on the external USB drive for me, as a “just in case” backup since I haven’t truly checked everything on the server yet. Thanks again for all your help!!!”

Peter M. Morgan & Sampson USA Cypress, CA

“As a professional video documentarian, the life blood of my business is video. Recently, I lost a massive collection of raw footage and edited television programs which nearly put me over the proverbial edge. After taking my hard drive to a number of local professional technicians in the New York City area and realizing none of them could help me, I turned to Advanced-Data Recovery Services. Everything about Advanced-Data Recovery Services — from their personal consultation to their sophisticated procedures for recovering data — provided me with confidence in their abilities. They not only recovered extremely valuable data, but they pulled out all the stops in doing so and kept me posted along the way. And when I received the phone call that everything had been saved, they patiently explained how to prevent any future disasters. As a result of their excellent and cost-effective service, I’ve already told colleagues in the television and video production industries about them. And I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting Advanced-Data Recovery Services as the ONLY place to have critical data recovered.”

John S. CreateAVision Media Sea Bright, NJ